Meet Shan Fazeli

Shan Fazeli believes that study of History & Mother Nature Resources are the roads that link the past to the present, and re-visiting these subjects are the bridges that direct the mankind to the future.

History & Nature are the voluminous massive books reflecting tough experiences the mankind has come into contact with over the last several thousands of years.

This is the perspective through which Shan Fazeli approaches the past, the present and the future and he has learned that the study and share of subject matters such as Mother Nature & Water for Life are some of the sources of understanding the communities, family values and the moral beliefs of human being.

Thanks to his researches conducted in the course of more than thirty years in the field of Migration, Water Resources history and Nature and its characteristics, Shan Fazeli has been getting closer to understanding such origins and has constantly and happily shared with others the knowledge he has gained through such researches. Hence, by providing a successful radio program through strong radio network of 670 AM KIRN since 2005 and expanding the program( to all of the Lotus Communications radio stations in 2015(, he has encouraged thousands of audiences to follow his pathway and thereby raise their awareness. The program equally focuses on shifting gears to conserving water and a safer green life and educating the public of how cleaning up the environment and care for Mother Nature could create a healthier life style and save millions of lives annually around the world.

With such belief and thought, Shan Fazeli has studied Materia Medica and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and has also become a Master in sports that empower both the mind and the spirit such as Martial Arts. Q Gong and Thai Chi. Shan Fazeli has lived in California with his family over the last 30 years